A year ago today we had no idea how our whole lives would change. Stay at home, save lives, social distance, stay alert, markings on the ground, daily press conferences, queuing to enter a supermarket, stockpiling, lockdowns and queuing online to fight for a super market collection slot were all unimaginable less than a year ago. This year the image on this post will be a familiar sight for many!

The people stayed at home and the world came together – local communities looked out for each other in times of need, seeing our friends and family on a screen became the norm, the elderly and vulnerable didn’t leave their homes for 3 months, and people like me have spent most of the year shielding those we hold dear. We clapped, we laughed, we cried, and we sang as we realised what was happening around us.

We wore facemasks and PPE, washed our hands and gave space to protect ourselves and others (we still do). The skies were blue, the roads were empty, people baked, created, and in many ways found the truth in themselves. Public stadiums and exhibition centres were turned into hospitals, retired medical staff went back to work, schools closed, and the earth stood still.

But, as the earth stood still, humanity began to wake up, we were shaken to awaken once more. Lightworkers began to unite to hold the vibration in love and light, while others felt that 2020 was part of a big plan.

Whilst 2020 has been a challenging year, many people have lost jobs, businesses, loved ones and friends. For me it has been life-changing – it pushed me outside of my comfort zone, it gave me the opportunity to restructure my business and give my people what they needed most. The quiet times gave me the opportunity to rest and dream some new big ideas, it gave me the opportunity to show up online and support the people who needed my services most, but most of all, it gave me the opportunity to develop and grow into who I am today.

This year has reminded me of love and gratitude, it has taught me to strip back to the simple things in life and shown me the importance of following my own heart. My spirit team have led me and my business to places that I could never of dreamed of, and I know that this part of my journey is only just beginning.

As we look forward to the opportunities that 2021 can bring, the treatments and vaccines, being able to hug our friends and family once more, and to have the freedom to do the things that we once took for granted, let us remember the simplicities that 2020 has taught us.

I am looking forward to the day that I can say goodbye to full PPE and meet my clients again in person, I will of course continue to be there for you – my online community.

So, it goes without saying, a heartfelt virtual hug and a huge thank you (from my screen to yours) to all my online clients, students and followers for ALL of your support, and for putting your trust in me to support you.

There won’t be fireworks and big celebrations as we leave 2020, but maybe we can light a candle of gratitude as we remember what 2020 has shown us, I will dedicate mine to all those souls lost this year, and to all those beautiful souls that have kept us safe, and those who have kept our world turning – as we stayed at home.

So here comes the new year – I am reaching out my hand for you, together we rise, together we shine, and together we grow. I look forward to connecting with you as we follow the light into 2021.

All my love