Angel Therapy

with Jo Kelsall, Certified Angel Guide
Jo Kelsall

Angel Practitioner & Certified Guide

Would you like to connect to your own pure, loving beings of light, known as Angels? They are here to protect and guide you along your journey of life. Angels are always ready to offer us signs or advice and encouragement.

Appointments last up to 90 minutes and can be attended online over Zoom or Skype.


Jo will channel the energy of the Angels and Archangels to you, helping you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your purpose. Whilst connected to you, the Angels will give Jo the opportunity to look at your situation through their eyes.

Therapy appointments will consist of some or all of the following:
Meditation, card readings, healing, and mentoring. You are likely to get to know your angels on a deeper level too.

Jo has worked with the Angelic realm for many years. In February 2020 Jo became a Certified Angel Guide following her training with Kyle Gray. Prior to this she has done many angel courses, including Angel Healing Therapy and Angel Reiki. Jo has also attended workshops with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.

Kyle Gray Certified Angel Guide

What Jo’s clients say

Jo is spirited, kind-hearted and has an abundance of knowledge. To her this is no job but pure love and devotion using her natural talents to help others. Jo, you helped me through a difficult time with your wonderful Reki and I can’t wait to see you again for another.


Jo is a professional, gifted, happy, supportive force of loveliness. Jo has helped me in numerous ways from holistic treatments, readings, Reiki and has fully supported my ongoing spiritual journey. I would totally recommend her, what a genuinely good person she is. Really lovely energy and always delighted to help others.

Katie B

What a wonderful treatment I received from Jo. I was feeling really poorly and the distant Reiki treatment, that she performed as soon as she was able (which was very quick) got me up and able to get a booked hospital procedure done. Can highly recommend. I felt 100% better within 24 hours


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