Brings mental, emotional balance, and pain relief

Spiritual Energy Healer

Are the physical, mental, and emotional stresses & strains of everyday life challenging your health and wellbeing?

An appointment with Jo is deeply relaxing and will enable you to enter your own personal state of pure bliss allowing you to release the energies that are impacting on your life.

Jo’s energy is powerful, strong, loving, & gentle. You are likely to leave your appointment feeling lighter, brighter, calm, and relaxed.

Jo doesn’t take any responsibility for introducing you to the power of relaxation!


Jo has always had a natural ability to heal others, her healing hands, compassion, and intuitive instinct work in unison to put you at ease during an appointment with her.

Jo will make a connection as she channels the universal energy of her guides, intuition, higher self, and other healing modalities such as Reiki to you. She holds a sacred space for you to release and heal any physical, mental, or emotional pain and suffering, and invites the highest energy available to assist you.

Regular healing sessions with me can provide faster and more significant results. Each session you have with me will shift you to a deeper level of healing, enabling you to heal & release any energies causing you pain and/or imbalances.

I strongly recommend a block booking of four or more consecutive weekly sessions if you have a recurring or specific issue such as physical pain, deep set mental or emotional imbalances. Regular healing will get you back on track.

Jo works only from a place of love and compassion, opening her heart to help you. She will assist you in your healing process, promoting pain relief and relaxation. Although Jo’s clients often have profound and wonderful experiences, she does not claim to cure you, she encourages you to continue with any medically prescribed treatments and medication.

What Jo’s clients say

Jo is spirited, kind-hearted and has an abundance of knowledge. To her this is no job but pure love and devotion using her natural talents to help others. Jo, you helped me through a difficult time with your wonderful Reki and I can’t wait to see you again for another.


Jo is a professional, gifted, happy, supportive force of loveliness. Jo has helped me in numerous ways from holistic treatments, readings, Reiki and has fully supported my ongoing spiritual journey. I would totally recommend her, what a genuinely good person she is. Really lovely energy and always delighted to help others.

Katie B

What a wonderful treatment I received from Jo. I was feeling really poorly and the distant Reiki treatment, that she performed as soon as she was able (which was very quick) got me up and able to get a booked hospital procedure done. Can highly recommend. I felt 100% better within 24 hours


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