I have had 5 weeks coaching so far from Jo, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have had some deep routed emotional issues that are affecting my health, Jo has helped me accept them, release them, and replace with positive feedback and emotions. For the first time in 30 years I’m excited for my future. Working with Jo my spiritual awareness is getting stronger every day which I take a lot of comfort from. I don’t think Jo will ever realise how much she has helped me!! She is kind, caring humble, compassionate, encouraging, supportive and has helped me believe in myself. I can’t thank her enough and highly recommend anyone to do this journey. You will not regret it.


I had a reading with Jo a few months ago and I have to say what a gifted lady she is, extremely sensitive and intuitive. I was very moved and blown away about the information she passed onto. I will certainly be having more readings with Jo in the near future.


Jo has the most amazing gift of channelling information that is on point and life changing.
Jo channelled a message for me this evening that has brought so much clarity and will literally change so much for me.
Jo has a true gift and I’d highly recommend her.
I am forever grateful. Thank you Jo x


After meditation last night, and you kindly giving up your time to do cards and my reading, I feel so ready to move into 2020 and feel really positive and excited about things to come, I feel I have the support and guidance from my grandparents. I have set my intentions and for the first time in a very long time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much Jo and I can’t wait to work with you and develop. Thank you for your warmth, kindness, encouragement, I truly believe all of your help has got me here and I can’t thank you enough Jo xxx


I connected with Jo recently & I knew instantly that she was a really lovely lady then I had the pleasure of being sent some lovely healing recently & I felt Jo was a loving caring person with aftercare & support when I needed it the most . I am truly grateful to her for her professionalism & her wisdom . She’s a very special lady & I feel blessed to know her . I’d recommend Jo to anyone seeking advice or healing


Over the years I have had various readings with many different people. In the main, most people have given ‘good readings’ with insight and sincerity.
However, as I said to my daughter yesterday, Jo is the best clairvoyant I have ever had a reading from – she takes it on to another level. Words I would use to describe Jo include incredibly intuitive, calm, patient, compassionate, with considerable skill and experience. Jo is authentic, passionate and a lovely, loving soul. I recommend her unreservedly.


I had a reading with Jo a few months ago and was blown away! (So much so, I’m hoping to back again soon) Everything she told me about where I was at that particular time in my life was SO true and I was left feeling inspired excited about the future! Thanks Jo xx


Where do I start? Jo has simply been the best mentor I could wish for, as I transition through my spiritual awakening. She has assisted me through the most difficult of times and I will forever be grateful for her continued kindness, generosity and unbelievably strong intuition, in providing me with the answers and clarity I need, through times of challenge and confusion. Her readings are incredibly accurate and personal and, being a member of her intimate ‘Embrace Your Light’ development circle has assisted me on a profound level and allowed my spiritual gifts to grow organically. Thank you Jo, for everything you do! April 2019


Jo is an amazing lady with lots of great talents. She is a fabulous teacher, who taught me all about reiki. she made me feel more confident with myself and my abilities. Her readings are always accurate. She stays in contact with you in case you ever have questions. She is a very powerful spiritual messenger.
Thank you Jo,
Debbie Stiffler USA


I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jo was amazing. I’d definitely recommend. Dec 2018